Closure/Opening Dates

Just a reminder to add these dates to your diary:

Last classes of 2016 – Tues 20th Dec (Kali/Muay Thai) from 6:30pm

First classes of 2017 – Thurs 5th Jan (Filipino/Muay Thai) from 7:00pm

Beginners’ Muay Thai course

Muay Thai is now a recognised sport in the Olympics – so that gives you 3 years to get in on that action!

We run a 6 week introductory course to get you started and ready to join our regular classes. It’s not just for the martial arts enthusiast – it’s a great way to get fit (and burn off the Xmas excesses!), and far more fun than the cross-trainer or treadmill!

Out next course starts in the week commencing 9th January 2017 – so book your place now!

New classes for 2017!

We’re re-structuring the schedule a little, to give you more opportunity to try the arts we train in.

Mondays & Wednesdays will now be a single ‘Jeet Kune Do Concepts‘ class – combining weaponry, trapping and padwork over an extended 1.5 hour period. Come experience how the different arts relate to each other. Note that these sessions start a little later at 7pm.

Tuesdays & Thursdays are largely staying the same – but instead of a specific Kali class, we’re expanding it to a ‘Filipino Martial Arts‘ (FMA) session – so you get to experience the relationship between weapon and empty hand skills. Our popular Muay Thai classes will remain unaffected.

New Beginner’s courses starting September 2016

Sign up for one of our 6 week beginner’s programmes for just £75!

  • Jun Fan Gung Fu begins on Monday 5th September from 6.30pm and continues every Monday and Wednesday for 6 weeks.
  • Panantukan begins on Monday 5th September 7.30pm, and continues every Monday and Wednesday for 6 weeks.
  • Muay Thai begins on Tuesday 6th September from 7.30pm and continues every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks.
  • Filipino Weaponry begins on Tuesday 6th September from 6.30pm and continues every Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks.

Pop in to reserve your place – or contact us by phone or email.

Coming Soon – Panantukan ‘Dirty Boxing’ beginners course

After the success of our 13 week Muay Thai beginner’s programme, we will be introducing a beginner’s Filipino Martial Arts course from September 2015.

The course will explore the empty hand art of Panantukan – boxing with a difference! You will explore the principles of limb destruction, arm wrenches and leg sweeps – perfect self-defence attributes!

Contact the gym, or speak to an instructor during any of our classes to find out more.

Summer Weekend Workshop

Clear a space in your diary for the next 2 hour workshop!

Single Stick Kali

Sunday 12th July

10.00 – 12.00

All students with Silver or Gold membership plans go free, all other students and visitors are £10 per person.

Our next grading

We are holding our next grading on Sunday the 1st February 2015. For all those wishing to grade please put your name on the grading list sheet on the board in the gym and we will let you know what time each grading will be. Good luck to you all.

Muay Thai Work Shop

Our next work shop is on the art and science of Muay Thai kickboxing and will be help on Sunday 25th January from 10am to 12noon. Fro all MKG members who pay monthly this is FREE, but all students and friends are welcome for a minimal £10 fee for the course. Please come along and support this great art.

Knife workshop – 19th October 2014

We are offering a great 2 hour work shop on how to defend yourself against a Knife attack. This will be run on Sunday the 19th October from 10am till 12 noon. Monthly members are FREE, all other members or guests will be charged £10 for the session. Come along and learn some new some new things. What have you got to lose?